You might be looking at this blog thinking I only use soap and water and might not have a clue about a skin care regime or you might cleanse, tone and moisturise and that's a good start!

You may even be a skin care addict like me!

Either way I want you to know how to cleanse your skin...properly!

But first, why do we cleanse our skin?

We must cleanse our skin thoroughly, not once, but twice!

Throughout the day, our skin accumulates dirt, debris and grime and that's without wearing makeup.
So, double cleansing is essential to prevent congestion, breakouts and to leave the skin squeaky clean.

Not everyone thinks they need to cleanse in the morning.

But you do!

We need to remove the oil and sweat that our skin secretes as well as product residue from our night regime.

There are so many cleansers available and this definitely does not include soap or wipes! There are various cleansing balms, cleansing creams and milks but it is so important to get the right cleanser for your skin type and condition.

Ideally you need to have two cleansers, an oil based cleanser to use first and secondly a water based cleanser.

One of my favourite cleansers is the CACI essential cleansing milk. This is delicate enough to use around the eye area. This soothing cleanser contains aloe vera, St. John's wart oil and calendula oil to gently cleanse the skin.

It is important when you cleanse, your skin doesn't feel irritated or feel uncomfortable.

Once you find the right cleansers for you, you are ready for the first step of your skincare routine.

So, how do we cleanse our skin?

Generally, you would use a 50 pence size of product, there is no need to use any more. Some cleansers you may need to add water to emulsify the product, especially facial washes. Even when using some cleansing creams I will add a little water just so the cleanser glides over my skin and I can work it into my skin more effectively. You will notice when you use the cleanser if you feel the need to.

Apply the cleanser starting up the neck, over the jawline, the chin and up the cheeks, the nose, avoiding the eye area and over the forehead. Ensure you do upward strokes, always working up, doing some circular motions over the chin, up the cheeks and into the sides of the nose, and over the forehead, again avoiding the eye area. Cleansing products will state if they are suitable to use around the eye area or not.

Ideally, remove your cleanser, with a soft flannel. You can use damp cotton pads if you want to, but avoid tissue because it contains wood pulp, which is a skin irritant. Remember to remove product gently and removing upwards, always avoid dragging the skin down!

And repeat again! Your skin will feel amazingly clean!

So remember, cleanse your skin twice for clean, clear and beautiful skin.

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