'Thank you so much for looking at my website, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business in October 2014, working as a mobile Beauty & Holistic Therapist. I also wanted to dedicate time to teach others gain a career in the beauty industry.'

That was me when I first started my business...over 7 years ago! I know the time has flown by so quickly!

I am very grateful for the growth of my business and now have a cosy treatment room in Loughborough.

Before I start treating you, here is a little more about me...

I became interested in Beauty Therapy to begin with when I was 17, I have to be honest I hadn't thought about Beauty Therapy being a career before then. I didn't think I 'looked the part' and I had never heard of the word, Holistic!

I felt very conscious of my appearance from an early age, I went from being a confident child up to the age of ten years old then slowly became more and more timid as years went on.

I didn't like my freckles ( I now do!) couldn't stand my curly hair (I now do!) and thought fair skin was not cool! All because I thought I should have looked a certain way, other people's negativity didn't help but over my late twenties, I turned to a more positive outlook and learnt to embrace my appearance and accept what I thought were imperfections and turn them into more unique, beautiful features.

I learnt to be kind to myself. You are who you are, right?



Beauty and Skin Specialist


Professional beauty and holistic treatments including facials, waxing, eye treatments and gel polish application.

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After completing Beauty Therapy I went on to Complementary Therapies, I absolutely loved it! I met people that inspired me and this gave me the ambition I needed. It was at this stage I realised how I can treat people 'holistically' and my spiritual side started to develop or more that I was becoming more awake to it.

Since my training days I have gained a vast amount of experience with salon based treatments as well as adapting and treating people from different backgrounds and cultures.

It is my aim and my purpose in life to help others feel better about themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually by promoting well-being, relaxation and beauty. I have realised how rewarding this is and after ten years’ experience, it lead me onto achieving my teaching and assessing qualifications.

However, my ultimate passion is skincare, I provide the most attentive facial treatments ensuring that every client receives the very best! It is great to see clients not only look visibly younger but also have more self esteem and become confident in the skin they are in.

Being able to positively change a persons mindset and how they perceive themselves when they look in the mirror through the skills of beauty and holistic therapy is a great achievement for me.

I achieved my teaching qualifications;

  • Level 4 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
  • Level 4 Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector at Loughborough College
  • Level three Certificate in Assessing Vocational Award at Stephenson College

I also completed my Diploma in Education and Training alongside teaching and assessing Beauty Therapy level 2 at Loughborough College. It was a huge challenge for me but I achieved it always remembering why I started. I also had some inspiring mentors who supported me too.

Never stop learning!

It is always great to pass on my knowledge and see how students develop with the appropriate guidance and support. Now I can provide fully accredited and insured diploma courses by the TSL at your salon/spa or at my treatment room in Loughborough.

I love learning and refreshing my knowledge so there will be updates of treatments and courses available which I will continue to put on my website and social media so no one misses out.

Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Louise x