How and When to Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation along with cleansing is another important stage of a home skincare routine. There are many exfoliating products available, including scrubs, exfoliating cleansers to stronger acids such as retinol.

So, if you haven’t exfoliated before then NOW is a great time to start!

Exfoliation is the sloughing of surface dead skin cells. By increasing the skins circulation, skin cells are nourished therefore promoting skin health. Your skin becomes smoother, more refined and radiant. Serums and moisturisers will now penetrate deeper into the skin and work more effectively because they’re not sitting on dead skin cells. Additionally, exfoliating regularly will prevent the pores and hair follicles becoming blocked therefore less breakouts and congestion.

Also if you like your fake tan, then this is an absolute must for preparation, your tan will look much more even and a good body scrub will soften any dry areas prior to tanning!

So as a rule, you can exfoliate the face and neck two to three times a week, unless the product that you’re using instructs you to use otherwise. For example, you may get exfoliating products that you can use every day or some to use only once a week, so you must do what the manufacturer guidelines recommend. This will also depend on your skin type and condition. If you do have sensitive/reactive skin you may need to use a gentle exfoliator once a week. However some sensitive skins are tolerant, you will get to know your skin!

Ok, so let’s say you’ve not exfoliated before. You could go for a nice granular scrub such as Neal’s Yard Rose Polish. This is a nice creamy, gentle exfoliator for all skin types, and it will help remove those dead skin cells, brighten up the skin, even out the skins texture and bring about a really nice glow to your skin.

How good does that sound?

So this would be applied twice a week after cleansing and before moisturising. All you need is a fifty pence sized amount of product to apply over the face, including the neck but avoiding the eye area, making sure you do circular motions up the neck, working really well into the chin around the nose, over the bridge of the nose as well over the forehead, making sure you go as close to the hairline as possible, maybe around the ears if you want to as well. Add water if necessary to emulsify the product as some exfoliators do go a bit dry, then work it into the skin using more vigorous circular motions with your finger tips. Avoid dragging the skin down, always work up!

You can do this in the shower, just make sure the water is not too hot ideally you want to remove with luke warm/cool water. Alternatively, get a nice soft flannel to remove your product.

Your skin will feel super soft and clean…its a great feeling!

Stronger acids like retinol which are becoming more popular now are very effective and will need to be used carefully. I have just started using a 0.2% retinol two to three times a week. When using retinol for the first time use it gradually and build up the strength, don’t over do it!

If your in your 30s its a great time to start using retinol generally around three times a week, in your 40s, four times a week and so on. However, if your skin reacts too much, then reduce the amount of applications. There is a lot of information on retinol so do your research!

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