How to Apply Your Eye Product



Are you seeing signs of aging around the eyes?

Are you seeing changes that weren’t around your eyes before?

Maybe your seeing fine lines, darker circles, puffiness?

If you are, then using a product designed for the eye area will help combat and treat your skin complaints.

Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes!

Having a separate eye product is essential, the skin around the eye area is the equivalent to the lining of an egg shell. The eyes are such a delicate area, so a lot care is required!

When applying your eye product you need to be gentle and not apply too much pressure. Always apply your eye product using your ring fingers as they give the least amount of pressure.

Whether you’re using a cream, gel, or serum around the eyes, you only need to apply around the orbital bone of the eyes. If you apply any further in towards the eye this will cause puffiness.

So avoid applying your eye product close to the eyes and never over the eye lid!

You need to use around half an inch amount of product, this is blended between the ring fingers and then applied around the orbital bone of both eyes. The orbital bone is the bone around your eye. Start at the outer side of your eyes on your orbital bone and follow the bone towards your nose, go up the inner side of the nose to the top which maybe just below the eyebrow and back round to meet where you started. A few circular movements following the orbital bone will be enough for the skin to absorb your product.

Less is more, remember we are not treating the rest of the skin on the face!

However, if you’re finding your eyes are quite dry and your seeing signs of aging then a little bit more is fine. Just avoid overloading your product.

Not sure what to use around your eyes?

The eye product I love to use is CACI’S Eye Revive Serum, its fantastic for improving the skin texture around the eyes and is has been clinically proven to combat puffiness and dark circles leaving your eyes brighter and giving you your sparkle back! Apply morning and evening to get the best results!

Another good factor about this product is the packaging, it comes in a syringe tube that will allow you to remove the correct amount of product with one pump, therefore no wastage!

Check the manufacturers instructions of the eye product your using, most advise to apply your eye product morning and evening.

If you find you’re not seeing any changes from your eye product, you may need to change what your using and get a product that is more advanced or just generally more suitable for you.  Having a product containing hyaluronic acid is a good start.

Just remember to take good care of your delicate eyes.

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