Do I need a face serum?

I would most definitely say a serum is worth investing in, if you haven’t already introduced a serum into your skincare routine, then you might want to after reading this…

Are you wanting to see a change in your skin?

Maybe your seeing signs of ageing, your skin is looking dull or you have redness that is prolonging and you have tried lots of different moisturisers and nothing is working?

That is because you need a product that is delivered directly into the skin to treat your specific skin condition. Getting the right products that don’t sit on top of your skin will improve your skin immensely!

This where serums play an important role in your skincare routine, they treat, repair and correct!

Serums are created using active ingredients to treat skin conditions, such as ageing, dehydration or sensitivity.

Serums are applied before your moisturiser and after your eye product. Some serums are in a gel form, lotion or as an oil.

You may even want to use more than one serum, this is fine as long as they compliment each other.

For example, I use the CACI Amino Lift serum and I use a soft retinol in the evening, this not being too heavy or too much for my skin that it impairs the lipid barrier.

CACI Amino Lift serum otherwise known as the amazing botox in a bottle is one of my favourite serums and it smells incredible!

The CACI Amino Lift can be used morning and evening providing optimum results for those combatting signs of ageing.

If this is something your wanting to treat, this is the product for you!

It uses powerful peptides, essential oils and amino acids to target expression lines and treat ageing skins. This product has been clinically proven to provide immediate skin firmness and long term wrinkle reduction by 26% after 28 days use and 45% after only 2 months use!

It really is amazing!

This is why serums are so beneficial as they are ‘treat’ment products.

But whatever serum you choose make sure you use it as instructed as some serums such as retinols can only be used at night and vitamin C serums are best used in the morning. Also remember to use it all up, then reassess your skin to see if you need something a bit more advanced.

So if your reading this and your in your late teens or early twenties, thinking I don’t need anything like this yet or maybe you feel there is just nothing to treat. Remember, prevention is better than cure! Maybe just start with a vitamin C serum or a serum with no active ingredients that will hydrate the skin.

We all need hydration at any age!

I would introduce active ingredients in your late twenties to early thirties, as this is when you will start to notice the first signs of ageing. Your skin will need a little assistance!

And when you get to mid to late thirties it is a must! Your skin will need that boost, even if you are managing your skin really well with cleansing, toning and moisturising adding a serum into the mix will be a game changer, so get your hands on those peptides and retinols and see your skin improve!

Just something to add…

Using strong active ingredients isn’t always good for your skin, respect and look after your skin, a gentle active ingredient can be just as affective especially combined with products that hydrate the skin and that maintain a healthy lipid barrier function.

Skin experts such as myself can point you in the right direction and make sure your using the correct products.

Give it a try!



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